Most of a Week Off

My husband and I are taking 6 nights to camp at two locations.

Our first stop was the camp where we both spent our childhood summers. This summer is the property’s 100th anniversary of its founding as a summer camp for children (It hasn’t been operated as a camp since 1985). We were there for three nights, and enjoyed the gathering of the old-guard. While my social anxiety bubbled and percolated in the days prior to arriving, I had a soul-satisfying time with everyone.

Currently, we’re in a Ginormous campground, which has done a fairly good job of stuffing RVs next to each other, cheek by jowl, (300+ spaces) and yet we have shade, and enough privacy to tuck into while saying “howdie” as folks stroll by. This place has 24 hour security, a restaurant, pools, mini-golf, playgrounds, showers, laundry, a fish-cleaning station, dog park and more… Not our ideal ‘camping’ definition, but it’s convenient to the town we want to explore, a state park where we were unable to make camping reservations, and gives us some needed together time away from our house… You know, the house that’s always SO demanding.

Tomorrow the state park and the maritime museum. Friday we head home.

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