I Stand Corrected….

Mom left voice mail 72 hours ago wanting to talk about making plans to return to the Island… I must have missed this message by hours, and have been too scared to check our answering service since…

To paraphrase:

“Hi Sweetheart, I want to get together to talk about plans, not giant ones, about returning to the Island, which I can do at any time. If you can’t help me maybe your daughter #2 and her BF can… I’ve been trying to reach her at her new home (my daughter bought her home four years ago and has had the same phone number for about eight years) and haven’t succeeded. I’ll be here in the morning until 10. Someone is coming to do something with the phone (a phone account that I own). Leave a message, of course (on the answering machine/service that doesn’t exist).

So, obviously, mom is still Quite focused on returning home in the absence of her ‘triggers.’ Having upcoming appointments/social engagements seems a necessary tactic to keep her settled in AL.

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