Furniture Move – Day 1

My DH and I got up early this morning, after making sure all our ducks were in a row last night. This included decompressing and unpacking from a six day camping trip… We drove north, picked up a 10’ moving-truck, ditching our own truck, caught the ferry, and upon arriving at mom’s Island house went right to work loading the truck. It wasn’t a linear equation… As many hours as I’ve spent cleaning here, including floors, shelves, appliances, and walls, drawers escaped me. So, we vacuumed and dusted the detritus out of, literally, 50 drawers, as we loaded the truck. Of course, my careful packing plan didn’t take into account the wheel wells and gasoline intake cowlings that interrupted the rental truck floor space. We improvised well, and everything is protected and secure.

I have a few things to pack into a wee box tomorrow, that would prefer not to travel loose in any of 50 cleaner drawers.  

We played backgammon, over a drink on the beautiful new deck, on an awkward height (and the only remaining) table. Then cooked a simple, but outstanding supper, which we enjoyed over an episode of West Wing on my iPad.

Today, and the two prior, were hard. This is the physical manifestation that my mama is never returning to her home. The last 18 months of repairs and needed improvements, have been a buffer of sorts. Yes, the house has been un-rentable until certain goals were met, but as long as those goals were in process, the reality of mom’s permanent shift into care was an abstract. Particularly because she is SO focused on retuning home. So now that the house is at 92% ready to hit the Island’s dry rental market, I am both devistated and  relieved.

I’ll return to the Island in a few weeks to finish up the touches and get the place generating income for mom’s care.

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