Furniture Move – Day 2

After yeseterday’s Herculean efforts, today has been easy.

  • Finish loading the little stuff.
  • Close the truck.
  • Close the house.
  • Try but fail to get on the earlier ferry.
  • Walk about town, have lunch, get on our intended boat.
  • Pick up our truck once on the mainland.
  • Arrive home and take a wee rest.
  • Open the moving truck to remove what doesn’t belong, and add, from our house, what does.
  • Close up the truck.
  • Feel immensely thankful that we managed to arrive home with leftover dinner!
Tomorrow is it. I confess to feeling buoyant as I took things downstairs to add to the truck. Not because it was leaving our house, but because it’s going where it belongs: To mom’s.

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