Furniture Move – Day 3, Part 2 – Misc Observations

Other things observed while setting up mom’s furniture:

  • All the gifts we gave her for her birthday are in their wrapping in the back of her closet with other things tossed in front of them. If it hadn’t been for hanging up clothes, I’d never have seen the gifts. We wonder if they’re there because, she being so sure of imminent departure, didn’t want to break out her goodies, or if she simply put them there and then forgot about them.
  • Her ratty old slippers were sitting outside the closet. The outside of the heels of these slippers are now completely worn away, and make for a terrible fall risk. The cheeta spotted slippers I bought her for Christmas, and that she was so enthusiastic about, are in her closet looking untouched. In hind-sight, I wish I’d thrown the old ones out, but my focus wasn’t on foot ware.
  • The drawers in the kitchen, bathroom, and the nightside table that belongs to the community, were/are a zero-organization zone. The only thing I tried to effect was placing anything bathroom-oriented in the bathroom. No one needs unending tubes of hydrocortisone cream in a nightside table. When I went to place all these things in the bathroom drawer, it was impossible to create any order as both drawers looked like my grandson had stirred his toys in a box, and poured them in. I was somewhat flabbergasted by this as when she was living independently, there was enough order that things were generally in the rooms they belonged in. I realize that to come from a ‘system’ that was established to a new place and expect mom to reestablish a similar, or any order is unrealistic. 
  • Mom has a lockable drawer in her bathroom. (One of my coup-finds was an extra set of keys to her apartment.) I opened the drawer to see what was inside:
    • Her passport, checkbook, and key-fob for the Honda attack vehicle.
    • An nightlight still sealed in its packaging.
    • A jade and amber beaded necklace. 
    • Community “money” that she wins when playing black jack. Mom is pretty good at cards. I likely get my symbol recognition, and card counting ability (one deck only 😉) from her!
    • Newspaper articles.
    • Glittery pins.
    • A roll of toilet paper.
    • A small pink grandmotherly-styled, egg-shaped, ceramic, lidded vessel. 
  • Elvis, in order to be safe, had to spend the duration of the furniture move in the bathroom. He was not keen on being extracted from under the bed. I apologized as I gently but forcibly extracted him from his hiding place. Poor Elvis sheltered in the shower, and when it was safe to release him, he headed straight back under the bed. Further,
  • Elvis has gained a lot of weight. There was no dry cat food in the apartment, though mom assured me in late July she had plenty. More dry food is on the way. There was canned cat food in her cupboard. As long as he’s pudgy, I know he’s getting enough to eat.
More about the day will trickle out of my fingers over the next week or so. It’s been very important to garden, socialize with friends, kinda of insulate myself from being the source of my mother’s current upset.

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