Furniture Move – Day 3, Part 4 – Voice Mail Transcriptions

Most of the “ums,” “uhs,” and stutters were omitted from these voice mail transcriptions to make them more understandable. Otherwise, they are 98.5% word-for-word.

8/14/18 5:23PM:
I  just got back, and found that you have moved all of my Island things in here, and I need to tell you that I am not at all happy about that. Because I was making plans, well, I’ll tell you about that when I get in touch with you. This is just not going to work out, and I’m sorry you didn’t show me the courtesy of simply asking before you went ahead with this major thing. I’ll talk to you later.

8/14/18 6:55PM
Hi it’s mom, I’m saying I’d get to you as soon as possible, why about what’s happened this afternoon, and you never told me about it in advanced so that I’m quite astonished. I knew you were moving things but I assumed you were taking things back to the Island rather than moving them here, so it’d be very helpful to have a few things clarified. So I’m hoping to hear from you before very much longer. Thank you, Bye, bye.

8/14/18 9:09Pm
Hi, it’s mom, please, please give me a ring concerning this influx of nice furniture, and various other things. My problem is that along with, well they moved it, but they also got rid of a whole lot of important stuff. They got rid of a couple of small books which I have phone numbers and addresses for people on the Island, (mentioned her college town and then corrected) and the mainland. And I’m really very sorry not to have them anymore. I’ve looked all over the place, and they’re just not here. And I can’t understand why they would have gone away. The drawers are all closed up… And, you know, I can’t even get your daughter’s (#2) phone number (on her business card on the fridge). I’ll try again tomorrow, but its very disturbing, and you might have been considerate enough to let me know what you were thinking about. This isn’t what I was thinking about. I assumed you were sending, taking things to the Island. And you know, not derail, not hold things up here. Anyway, I’m just very puzzled, and a little bit troubled, so I’m hoping that I’ll hear from you, and we can straighten out some of this. It would be very helpful. Thank you. Good night.

8/15/18 8:18AM
Hi, Uh this is mom. I wish you would call me back. I’m quite astonished to find all this furniture here. You’ve been telling me for weeks, maybe months, that you were taking these thing back the to the Island. And I have no idea why there are a couple of the main features of the house here, and it’s rather upsetting. So I’d really like to hear from you and see if we can get straightened out. Thank you. (Leaves phone number, gets it right the second time!).

8/15/18 7:29PM
Hi it’s mom, I’ve been meaning to ask you, and forgot to when you brought the little couch over. Were there a couple of 2×4’s under it at each end? Because I always would always have them there. It raises the seat just enough to be a lot more comfortable. And I’m pretty sure that I did, but perhaps (unintelligible), anyway if its something you found and set aside to do something else with, please bail them out and bring them over, or let me know one way or another, and I can see if I can get some here if possible. (unintelligible) OK, thought I’d double check. Thank you Sweetie, Bye, bye.

8/17/18 7:01PM
Hi it’s mom I’d really like to hear from you guys and it would be very helpful just to be able to go over a couple of things. I’ve been calling, and I have no idea why you won’t respond. And its rather troubling. So, see if you can get back to me.

8/17/18 7:08PM (Cell Phone)
Hi it’s mom. I would really like to hear from you. I’ve been trying to get a hold of you for a few days now, and it’d be very helpful to be able to talk. And other than that, I don’t have very much to say. So, if you can manage to get in touch… Thank you.

8/18/18 6:55PM
Hi this is mom, since you were here rearranging furniture and so forth, I have not been able to find two small notebooks, one a little larger than the other and that one has a red over that contains phone numbers and a few addresses of friends here and there that I’d like to keep in touch with from time to time, and I have no other way of reconstruct them, and I can’t  imagine why you’ve taken them, but I’d like them back. It’s a rather important and I’d like to hear from you about it, so call me back when you can. Fairly soon if possible, and let’s hope this is all something that will all go away fast. Thank you , Bye, bye.

8/22/18 9AM-ish
Mom left voicemail with a neighbor on the Island asking if the neighbor would go over to the house, see what’s in the house, and how it looks. The neighbor called me for direction. I instructed her about radio silence.

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