September 2018 Island Trip – Day Two

In my gimppy state I managed to:

  • Make a run to the hardware store for various supplies. The cashier commented of the variety of projects I must be working on. Ah, Yup.
  • Stop in to say “Hi” to a high school buddy. We’re going to get together while I’m here. I owe her dinner as she picked up the check last time we went out as I ran to the ER when mom fell and clocked the back of her head 3+ years ago.
  • Make calls regarding the fuel oil tank. It belongs to mom rather than the fuel supplier. The decommissioning of the oil stove will have many steps. this was the first. The second was to ask the Amazing Neighbor if he could use any remaining fuel. He can.
  • Text the Amazing Neighbor for a mowing referral. Another neighbor mows here when he mows his place. I don’t want to ask him to mow here ‘off schedule’ yet I do want to spruce up the place before putting it on the lease market.
  • Find a reference for a ‘move-out cleaner.’ Clearly I am not going to accomplish as much as I had hoped. 🙄 The referee’s voicemail is full, so I’ve put a shout out on Facebook.
  • Start the sheetrock patch process on two holes, both hidden until the last time we were here. One small, one big.
  • Wash the three hanging doors, second bedroom closet, its shelves and the metal rods from both closets, and wiped down the casing around both exterior doors.
  • Wipe down the interior side of each exterior door. OHMIGAWD, the soot will never stop!
  • Run the ‘webster’ around most of the house, but those cobs make webs faster than I can knock them down! 😳
  • Sink the nails in the trim around the windows by the entry door. All 112 of them, except for the nails at the top, which, even sitting on the cabinet, I was unable to sink. It was a tad nerve wracking trying to both not smack my fingers and the glass while in close and awkward proximity to both… I filled about half of the sunk nail holes before realizing I was approaching my limit.
  • Push my limits by taking the BBQ (lightweight Weber) into the field and relieving it of its ash load. I then had the brilliant notion of using the oven to cook dinner rather than the BBQ. Less back and forth, even surface to walk across, guaranteed fuel start etc. 
And now I am enjoying a glass of wine, and looking forward to a game of e-backgammon with my DH in a bit, and will actually get to bed before midnight, both because I am officially beat, and there is little I can (or should) do as the light softens. 

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