September 2018 Island Trip – Day Three

I started the day off on a different tact by cleaning all the interior windows that weren’t in sunlight. This was something I could do in my pajamas and bare feet. (While the air cast provides a sense of security, it is also very tiresome.) Even with only one side of most windows cleaned up, it makes an incredible difference. Yet another source of soot removed from the house.

The master bedroom closet was my next target. It was resistant with one shelf nailed in, and the doors unwilling to come off their tracks. A long struggle later, I managed to free the, very likely 1959, doors from their track, then get the upper shelf out, then clean what parts of the walls I could reach (creating many a pail of coffee colored water), and then the doors and the one extractible shelf.

I finally had to adjust my expectations of maintaining a logical workflow. I should know this by now, being in a walking cast aside… Part of clinging to logic is born by a limited number of paint brushes (which I am very snobby about), which limits ones ability to switch from one of four different paints I intend to use in the next seven days. The brushes have to dry before you can use them again, and that takes time. Yes, I will buy another one or two brushes if I need to. The plan was to paint all the primer at once. The upper part of the master closet is unreachable until my DH gets here to remove the offending shelf. Then I can clean and prime that area. Meanwhile, I will break form, pretend the offending piece of closet doesn’t exist and push on! I’m very proud of myself! Yes, you are welcome to call me a control freak.

While sitting on a kneeling pad, I managed to clean one piece of the floor previously covered by furniture. Getting up from the floor in this boot/cast/whateveritis is not my favorite.

My bossy 😉 nurse girlie called on cue to ask how my foot was doing. I haven’t lost any ground, but haven’t gained any either. She gently scolded me that staying off my feet was ‘a thing’ in terms of allowing my tootsie to wake up. I’m moving at 1/4 to 1/3 of my usual speed, and I do take her point.

A meeting was held in town early evening by the power cooperative and the family resource center for landlords and property managers. While the gist of it was resources for low-income tenants, who will not qualify to rent this property, it was well worth attending. Three folks held the meeting, and only four of us attended! Three of the four of us are landlords. An interesting statement as to how dry the market is.

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