September 2018 Island Trip – Day Four

Lots of priming, finish painting, sanding, spackling, wood filling, laundry, and continued cleaning of surfaces, that somehow still need paint, happened today. In the details were:

  •  The Amazing Neighbor stopping by to go over the plumbing problem (of the washer backing up in to the shower) under the house. His fix makes sense, and he’s too busy to help or even supervise me making the repair. Hiring a plumber on the island is impossible. I can do this repair, but am reluctant given the consequences of my time under the house Tuesday… My current hope is that he texted me this evening asking how long I was here… Maybe he’s taking pity on me!
  • While the Amazing Neighbor and I were under the house, he asked, “What’s all this fresh saw dust from?” Long story (aren’t they always?) short is that the underfloor is inundated with powder-post beetles. The joists and subfloor are full of tiny holes. Must be tasty 60-year old lumber. The pest folks, who keep rodents at bay on the property, will be here on Wednesday to assess. 
  • Due to the above I am unable to put the house on the lease market until I know the extent of the problem, the treatment length, and protocol. Moving tenants in and then subjecting them to  potentially multiple pest treatments, accessed from the interior of the house, both bedroom closets no less, is not OK. There is a piece of me that is convinced this house is never going to be ‘ready’ despite all the sweat equity and love I’ve put in to it.
  • My DH walked onto the ferry late this afternoon. I cannot express how much it means to me to have him here. Yes, to help, but most importantly his presence is soothing, welcome, and a delight. I’m usually cool being solo, relish it even. Since this injury Tuesday, I confess to feeling some insecurity. Having my sweetheart here is soul healing.
  • We went from the ferry to the local brew pub to meet Tim and his son. It was a lovely time including live music.
And so now, having another inefficient day kick my ass, I’m off to sleep.

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