September 2018 Island Trip – Day Five

Today was another day of slinging paint. Both closet innards and the master bedroom closet doors are done (the second bedroom’s closet doors are clear wooden bi-fold and don’t need paint, thank heavens). I treated myself to an additional paint brush and some cheap rollers (the sort one is not compelled to clean, but to throw out ~ what a revelation). The windows and screens are clean, and all remaining nail holes in various surfaces are filled. My DH:

  • Took a sheet of asbestos (very heavy) from behind the oil stove to the upper barn, as well as a rock polisher dad gave us over 15 years ago. We’ve never used it and figure it can live on the Island for now.
  • Installed knobs on the newly installed doors over the oven, and on the drawers and doors in the bathroom. It’s a serious treat to access the bathroom drawers without having to keep them open in a staggered fashion.
  • Replaced the toilet seat! This sounds like a pedestrian task, however the old wooden seat had lost its finish on the underside and got moldy in the winter. Truly yucky. This is the biggest bang $21 has bought in a long time.
  • Trimmed a trim piece that’s designed to hide a small bit of electrical conduit. After tiling the fireplace the trim piece no longer fit.
  • Removed the three hanging doors so I can paint them on sawhorses.
  • Removed the grill from the built-in 1959 electrical wall heater so I could clean 59 years of dust from in and around its guts.
Rather than go out and see some live music after our day’s efforts, we stood on the deck and counted (three dozen) bats as they flew out from around the chimney. 🦇

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