September 2018 Island Trip – Day Six

The day’s first task was to put the master bedroom closet back together. While my DH worked on that task I continued to sand nail hole fills. Getting the closet doors back on took both of us, and contortions on my part. The only way to get the doors off was to remove them from their wheels. Today’s bi-pass doors are hung with enough clearance that you can lift the door off its track. Not so with this installation!

My DH caught the early afternoon ferry back to real-life. I woke up twice in the night wondering where he was…

The rest of my day was about, you guessed it, more paint, finalizing the sheetrock repairs (by painting them again), which look perfect (!), and actually resting here and there.

I discovered there is a bat group on the Island! They are very interested in our bat colony, and help people by providing bats with alternate living arrangements. While I love bats, I don’t want them living in the chimney.

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