September 2018 Island Trip – Day Seven

I’m fairly sure I can put the can of primer away. I am hesitant to lean on that statement too hard, less another piece of wall in this small house suddenly shows up cackling at me… Tomorrow’s paint-push (white semi-gloss) are the hung doors, the master closet trim, half the master bedroom door casing, and above the cook top.

The Amazing Neighbor and I spent almost three hours exercising a battle plan regarding the washer’s propensity to backfill into the shower. We won. Turns out the grey water pipe under the house was full of a weird sludge. Like gallons of weird sludge. I will not bore you with the zillions of steps it took to clear the pipe, change out the washer’s exit trajectory, and slide an 18 foot piece of pipe out from under the house in order to exorcise its goo. This evening’s large laundry spin cycle did not back up into the shower. Glory be to God!!

Powder post beetles are my only blocker to renting the house now.

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