September 2018 Island Trip – Day Eight

Today’s pace was more relaxed:

  • My high school friend came out to the house mid-morning, and we visited for over two hours. It’s like no time has passed.
  • During that time the bat-man stopped by. Talk about geeking out! We learned a lot from him. He lives, eats and breaths bat. He’s going figure out what flavor of bats we have, and very likely supply us with a bat-house to place on one of the out-buildings as soon as they move to their winter quarters (the woods at slightly higher elevations). We will then repair the voids in the chimney. Next season, hopefully, the bats will move into their new condo.
  • I then met friends for lunch, afterwhich,
  • I returned to the house and started painting.
  • At 4:30 the mowers showed up, and the place is looking tidy again.
  • At 7 I’m meeting a friend for a drink.
I also made the brave and bold move to put the primer away and wash the brush!

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