September 2018 Island Trip – Day Nine

I only stepped out of the house twice today to put things in the truck that were no longer needed this trip. Otherwise it was full-time paint. The blue trim is applied to everything it was destine to spruce up, though it needs touch-up (see last post). The woodwork around the north windows has two coats of clear finish on it, and looks way better than I thought it would given the water stains I was unwilling to spend additional time mitigating, aside from sanding. I will likely put a third coat on the actual sill on my next trip. It’ll take 20 minutes and make a huge difference.

The pest guy called to consult about the powder post beetles in the floor joists, subfloor and footings. While I found their-life cycle fascinating, I’ll let you read about it yourselves. The short story is Paul, who has been treating the property for years for rodents, will take care of the problem, send me paper work that the house was treated (important if the property is sold), and will lay down the remaining of the vapor barrier in the tiny secondary crawl space for me.

The house is starting to come back together as projects are finished, and tools and paint are put away. It’s looking more like a home and less like a job site.

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