September 2018 Island Trip – Day Eleven

Getting up before 7AM went a long way toward an unhurried exit from the Island. I use a thorough but short checklist to make sure the house and property is closed up securely when leaving.

To my delight Paul the pest guy showed up at 8:30. I thought he was treating the house a week from today. Paul survived a brain aneurism at some point in his adult life. His speech is a little unique, possibly as fall out from his health crisis, making it easy to misunderstand him over the phone. He was able to get the next section of vapor barrier down in about eight minutes, and rendered the following verdicts:

  • The supporting lumber for the house was milled on the Island, and could possibly have been harvested on the property.
  • While the infestation in the main crawl space is significant, he said, “If left untreated, you and I will be long gone before the beetles bring down the house! It’s absolutely solid.” Music to my ears. 
Paul also charged me about half of what he would have normally. He remembered my parents to me with great fondness. He is an example of some of the very best of what the Island is all about.
The bathroom door is now on its hinges. I slung Windex at surfaces, and then took pictures of the interior in prep for that long awaited rental ad. The sawhorses and packing supplies will just have to be part of the pictorial ambiance. 

There were three monsoons, of short duration, on my drive home. Like flip the truck into 4WD and trust that the semi in front of me could see the white lines on the road, because I sure couldn’t, kind of monsoons. And then the sun peered out. I am home again, and so thankful.

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