Second Island Trip This Month…

Tonight I place the rental ad online, and tomorrow I return to the Island to meet and greet the anticipated applicants. Yesterday I sent the ad to friends and neighbors, one of whom (an attorney) made two good edits. This morning is about gathering the rest of the regulatory documentation (some things have changed in the 17 months since leasing out mom’s mainland house) one must give to a tenant upon sealing the deal: Mold, Lead Paint (house was build in 1959), Fire/CO Detectors and the tenants responsibilities regarding those safety devices, and the Smoking Policy (None!) of the building. The only thing that’s brand new is lead paint, but there are ample verbiage resources online specific to our state. I’ll also create a document were the tenant signs-off that they’ve received and signed all the various warnings, rules & regs and the lease, where that information can be found, and in what format.

This trip will also be about the final packing up of the house. Even if it doesn’t get leased, it’s time to close up the kitchen, and bathroom, get the last three pieces of furniture to the upper barn, donate the bed (I found a place that will take it), and finally be complete with the work.

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