2nd September Trip – Day One

I took it easy on myself this morning, and rather than catch the 9ish boat, I took the noonish boat. Way more civilized.

I got a truckload from the tool shed into the upper barn. While doing this I also parsed things into categories such as: Metal Recycle, Hazardous Waste, Take Home, Dump/Recycling etc… A metal recycling guy is stopping by tomorrow morning. What small stuff he can’t take, I can drop off at our local metal recycle place on my way home. While there’s no way all the metal waste will magically disappear in the next 5-days, but it’s a start.

The parsing revealing a collection of ‘broken’ extension cords in the upper barn. I’m sure my dad had really good reasons for an accumulation of 12-15 unusable extension cords, but without being able to consult him, they are on their way to the dump. It made me sad and a little terse all at once, maybe on my mom’s behalf! There are also a lot of what look like little motors in the barn. I’m hoping the metal guy will have some insight to these wee mysteries. The best find of the day was in dad’s former veggie garden. I went into it to stuff steel wool into a hole I discovered from the inside of lower barn (saw daylight). After finishing that task, I turned to survey what used to be a garden so productive that my father sold produce to local restaurants. Now it has a low covering of weeds, and is littered with uncountable half-buried  4” and gallon nursery pots that are mostly falling apart. I spotted what looked like a big coil of wire. It turned out to be 1/4 drip hose, that I am currently out of! It’s so old that the metal spool it came on (this product hasn’t come on metal spools for decades) was completely rusted. It was a straight up gift from my dad. And!!!! The soil under the weedy cover is incredibly beautiful. A tenant could, if they re-fenced out the 🦌, pick up where dad left off!

There’s been some interest in the lease ad. One person bowed out after not reading carefully and asking about dogs. Um, nope. One person is stopping by tomorrow evening. My big heebegeebe is failing to get the place leased… I need to have a little faith and relax.

I placed a few things on an Island-centric sales board for ‘free’, and am going to add a few more items this evening. After walking almost 6000 steps today, the most in a long, long time since being in the walking cast/boot/torture device, I am beat. Setting up a little wireless printer I bought, to facilitate all the lease paperwork, is about as ambitious as I’m going to get this evening.

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