2nd September Trip – DayTwo


  • The metal recycling guy took a thorough look around and said it’d cost $3,000.00 to haul everything out. He understood when I said I needed the house to start earning money (rental income) before I could entertain that price tag. He was able to identify some of the smaller motors, but said unless one knew what they belonged to, they were ‘boat anchors.’
  • Another pickup load went from the shed to the upper barn. This one took less time, thank goodness. I found some interesting things in the shed… An electric Smith Corona typewriter, which has already found a new home with a gal who collects typewriters like I collect sewing machines. An old-school Kelty backpack, the teepee my folks bought after I moved out, and the missing zillion yards of US Army surplus olive-drab poplin.
  • The barn coughed up a box of little self-defense bullets. they’re smaller than .22s, and the box doesn’t reveal the size, but does warn you not to kill yourself with them. I dropped them off at the sheriff’s office. While there I asked if they had any problem if I posted urea online for ‘free.’ Urea is 46% nitrogen, an ingredient of things that go BOOM. The under-sheriff was summoned, and he said it was fine, but to let them know if anyone cagey picked it up. I said, “You bet, along with their Facebook profile!” 
  • The hardware store had printer paper (small community!), and I was able to finish setting up the printer, which was timely because,
  • The couple that stopped by to see the house, wanted applications! I’ll send them the link for credit and background checks this evening.
  • Finish is underway on the new under-sink kitchen cabinet doors.
  • The upper kitchen cabinets are wiped out.
  • The smokey smelling lamp shade now smells like windex, if one is into sniffing lampshades! 😜
  • The second bedroom floor is cleaner than it was.
  • Over 7000 steps later, I am done busting my booty for the day.

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