2nd September Trip – Day Three

Another busy day:

  • A third load of items moved from the shed to the barn.
  • A third coat of finish on the exterior of the kitchen sink cabinet doors.
  • A dump run.
  • A town run.
  • Met with a guy who will take down three very tall, dead, scary alders within striking distance of the drive for $300. Cheap at twice the price. These trees are already dumping limbs. I wouldn’t drive by them in more than 20 knots of wind.
  • Took the queen-sized bed to the dump. I was going to take it to a place that would accept it for .20 a pound (not being in pristine shape), but when I took the box spring out of the frame, there were rust marks from the coils on the bottom, the fabric was torn, and there was what looked like bits of algae, not to mention the bad staining on its sides. It was extremely difficult to leave my parents bed at the dump.
  • Blew up the air mattress and put the bedding on it.
  • Stopped at the fellow’s  property who bought the tractor from mom. I’ve found the tractor’s chains. We visited for a spell on the front porch, just like folks do in the country.
  • Met my former property manager and a neighbor who helped me move four things to the upper barn that I was unable to by myself.
  • Heard from the couple who stopped by yesterday evening. They’re backing out as they really can’t afford the rent. I appreciate their honesty.
  • Visited with the neighbor at the end of the drive. She came over as I was walking to the lower barn to fetch the shop vac. The mostly empty tool shed blew her mind. She wanted to see the tipi as her son-in-law is interested in it. We got an idea of how big it is (it’s in a trunk that I cannot lift on my own) while sizing up the tipi’s poles. It’s a full sized tipi! We chatted for 30 minutes, and are going to have dinner tomorrow night. Every trip I make here she asks if we ever think about moving in, because we’d make such great neighbors. I said we’d have to be in a position to retire before ever considering it. She said she’d be seriously old by then (she’s 69 now). I truly adore this lady. She’s so smart, funny, a good friend (a retired attorney who’s going to look at additions I’ve made to my state-centric lease), and 1000% open.
It’s looking like rain, and the damp chill in the air prompted me to turn on the propane fireplace insert for the first time since early spring. It feels really amazing.

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