2nd September Island Trip – Day Four

The work continues…

  • The second bedroom floor is now clean. I’m giving myself a pass on thinking I’d gotten it done prior to now. Yet another soot source removed.
  • The smoke detectors and the CO detectors are actually installed, rather than just sitting on shelves. This, of course, involved borrowing a powered screw driver from a neighbor, and then a trip to town to replace the screw I stripped…
  • The tool shed is empty of everything except what will return back to the mainland with me. It even got a mop with the straw broom after I vacuumed it. To most it would look pretty funky. It hasn’t been this clean in 20-years, possibly longer.
  • Yet another load went up to the barn, and I measured my dad’s old ceramic studio as a potential tenant is interested in using it.
Lots of other bits and pieces. Now it’s time to head to dinner with the neighbor who wants us to move in.

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