2nd September Island Trip – Day Five

Today I:

  • Increased my advertising reach re leasing the house.
  • Opened a ‘rental house deposit’ account at the bank. This was Tim’s idea, who does the same thing for his rentals. The lessee is given deposit slips for the account, and the mind-set is that they’re paying rent to the bank, not me. And it keeps primary account numbers out of tenant’s hands.
  • Ran into a guy at the hardware store as he was loading his truck with huge bags of grass seed. I asked him if wanted the urea. He’ll let me know when he can stop by and pick it up!
  • Am fairly sure I’ve found a home for the boat.
  • Found out the folks from southern CA aren’t willing to do the credit check because she doesn’t have established credit. I explained that no credit doesn’t mean bad credit. They are willing to jump on a plane to check out the house, but not risk being turned down due to credit/background check results. They essentially backed out. I am weary of flakes.
  • Tomorrow at 10AM another prospect will stop by.
  • Put the cabinet doors back on under the kitchen sink. They look outstanding.
  • Started the final packing of the house.
I’ll go home Wednesday.

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