Second September Island Trip – Day Six

The prospects who stopped by this morning have something different in mind for the property, I think. I internet-stalked them last night, and they’re part of a rehab clinic on the Island. They were polite, and interested, but did not show their cards. They’re looking at a few available long-term rentals and will get back to me. I suspect they’re looking for housing for clients.

  • I caught up on a batch of small additions to the lease, and the house-manual. 
  • Bat-Man stopped by and picked up his recording device. He’ll let me know what species of bats we have in the chimney. He was a delight to chat with, being an ecologist, and we geeked out discussing the why’s and how’s of time and climate change, and how they have caused our region to not only warm up, but now include a 5th season: Smoke & Fire. 
  • I took all the “a tenant could hurt themselves with this” items out of one of the open sheds and got them tucked into the upper barn. 
  • After planning out my next three meals, I started packing up the kitchen. I went back and forth on this… This won’t be my last trip, but any future trip will be solely about getting the place leased. I can stay at Tim and Cindy’s,  shower here, take a hot plate for the cabin, and eat even more simply… It’d only be two nights at the most (knock on wood). Yes, I can pack up the kitchen!  Stream of consciousness here. Bathroom too, except for a couple of towels.
  • I spent some time freeing a rhododendron from thin blackberry vines, and trimming the spent hellebore blossoms. It felt great! 
The weather report is favorable for loading things (a rug, fabric, boxes etc) into the bed of the truck tomorrow. I am eager to return home.

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