Getting through Customs delayed my return home enough that I missed being able to drop off the hazmat items. Metal recycling and dropping off a few things at storage did happened. I’ll deal with the toxics tomorrow.

This return trip saw some additional influx into our home… It’s going to take a couple of days to sort it all out at a relaxed pace. A collection of tote bags my dad made, including the one that has his sailing race patches to Mexico from 1974 and 1976, need a couple of gental washes to erase the musty smells. I brought home what looks like a homemade roller/dispenser for freezer paper, but could be a great paper dispenser for our grandson. Ya want a six-foot sheet to color on? No problem! I’ll hang a sweet little bird feeder my sisters gave mom and dad years ago in our garden. I hung it in mom’s filbert tree 22-months ago, when she went into skilled nursing. It had been sitting on her counter for years. No bird family moved into it in the last almost 2-years. Maybe tenants here will like it better. The remaining zillion yards of US Army poplin dad bought at auction, before I could walk, intrigues me. A small box of wee glass jars gets my brain humming…

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