Kimonos & Scarves

I found yet another kimono of my mom’s when I returned from my last trip to the Island. It was in a box of scarves. This brings the kimono count up to six, and the scarf count up to, probably, 60 (and in this moment I am recalling the identical leather purse collection of somewhat less than 10). While I am the last person who should raise an eyebrow at another’s collections, it makes me wonder if this was/is another sign of mom’s illness, particularly after they bought the second house. Once her belongings were in two separate places it must have been very difficult for her to recall that she already had five kimonos, when admiring the sixth. Same with scarves.

Today all but the most recently found kimono, and about 15-20 scarves are with mom in her apartment. I’ll probably pack the rest for the time being.

A few of mom’s scarves airing out.

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