Next Up

Our friend moved from us to another family early this afternoon. His recovery is remarkable, and while his next caregivers are completely competent to look after him, I confess to a proprietary nanosecond during introductions while assessing their fitness for duty. 🙃

Tomorrow I fly to the South for five days to both spend time with my eldest and her boy friend, and attend an international quilt show. From there I zip down to Mexico for four days to visit with friends who picked up their lives, bought a B&B, and are now living their dream. This is an extension of our April vacation in some ways, but this time my DH isn’t able to come along.

When I get home the huge Kanzan cherry will have dropped all of its brilliant orange leaves, and it probably won’t be 58 degrees outside each day. My DH and I will grab a bite to eat downtown on the way back from the airport. The cat will play hard to get for about an hour. And then I’ll be home until we decide to go somewhere together. Sure there are going to be trips to the Island, but for two nights, not eleven or fourteen days (1/24th of a year…). I’m looking forward to my trip, a lot! And I’m looking forward to being home.

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