Former Mother-in-Law

My former mother-in-law, Jane, moves into my daughter’s community today. She has healed up from a robust C-dif infection in skilled nursing, and is ready for a respite stay. This will turn into living in AL full-time at the end of 30 days. Sound familiar? At 95 she is showing swifter onset of dementia symptoms than my mom did. When she was my mom’s age, 12 years ago, she was 100% intact. Heck, 5 years ago, she seemed 99% intact.

Jane will join our Thanksgiving dinner, which pleases my mom to no end. When my daughter’s boyfriend’s mom was informed that, “Both of my grandma’s have dementia…” and would be at dinner, she replied with something like, “Who wants a boring Thanksgiving??!!” I love this woman.

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