Island House Nibble

Today’s house nibble was a goody. The owner of the body shop, where mom took the Honda attack vehicle for periodic body panel replacements, is desperately looking for housing for one of their techs, or the tech is going to leave the Island. We messaged on and off all day. I set up a showing for tomorrow morning. Then the body shop owner discovered the tech has a dog. I said, “Nope. Waxed wood floors.” She completely understood. While it’s not her fault, the very least she could have done was have the potential tenant read the house posting. NO DOGS. It kinda added insult to the injury of mom’s escalating malcontent. I’m not upset with the gal I was communicating with, just disappointed in the situation.

Going forward, when I’m asked about availability, I need to respond with a standard statement: “Yes, the house is still available. Because I keep experiencing the same communication potholes with interested parties, it’s necessary to let you know the following up-front: No dogs, all prospective tenants Must go thru credit, background, and prior rental screening via, four people max occupancy, three preferred  (antique septic), and absolutely no accessory dwellings allowed on the property (RVs, tents, teepees, yurts, etc). Please carefully read the posting to make sure this sounds like the right property for you!! Thx!

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