Mom’s Escalation

Today started with housecleaning (de-dusting room-by-room after a summer either away, or in the garden), and a trip to the dentist for my cleaning, which I’d had to reschedule three times. I was relaxed, happy even to indulge in this little piece of self-care.

My DH texted, as I waited for my appointment, saying he’d narrowly dodged a phone call from mom, and would send the voicemail when it came in. It went like this:

“Hi it’s your mom-in-law. I’m just calling to let you know that I, I’ve been told here that I have to leave, as soon as possible, in the next few weeks, ah, or Mac the Charming, the man in charge, told me he’s going to raise my monthly rent to the full amount. And as I was planning to leave anyway I now have to make a specific plan, and I’ve left my daughter this message and maybe we can take care of that in the next, during the next week. I’d like very much to leave anyway, and ah, anyhow, that’s where it’s at, and I just thought I’d let you know. I’ve called my daughter too. So that’s what my news is for what it’s worth. Talk to you later. Thanks, Sweetie. Bye.”

She then went to Mac’s office to let him know ‘she has some relatives coming to take her away.’ He went to the concierge to let them know mom is to leave with no one without my permission.

Interestingly enough, mom did not leave me voicemail, nor even call, for which I am grateful and relieved. She did, however, call my MIL, and tell her the same BS she’s pawning off on everyone else who will isten. Whoops! did I just say that??

Tomorrow I contact the psychiatric nurse practitioner and ask him to assess whether we need more meds onboard, or if  this is a phase triggered by events we may or may not be able to figure out.

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