Thanksgiving Dinner

Dinner went very well. The company was delightful. The meal delicious. None of the things I worried about regarding mom came to fruition. While she was subdued, she did jut fine. At one point she was shadowing me. Worried that she wanted to talk about returning to the Island, I helped out with dishes knowing she wouldn’t broach the topic around others.

As we passed dishes around the table, each person shared what they were thankful for. Everyone was in the present, except for mom who, eloquently, said she was thankful for the professional opportunities she’d had. She hasn’t worked since years before my dad passed away. There are about 12 ways to parse what she said, and so I won’t.

My amazing DH drove mom both ways yesterday. I suggested an Elvis play list. On the way to dinner the music kept her in the moment. On the way back, mom fell into, “I need to think about getting back to the Island…” She suddenly glanced sideways at him and said, “Well that’s showing me a stone-face…” before he could possibly have reacted to her.

Stone-Face means ‘a face that reveals no emotions.’ I’ve never heard my mother use this term. Archaic.

So, today I am thankful that we were able to be together with mom, and no one was wounded, or worse for wear from the experience.

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