Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

The Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner  wrote back to me this evening. Dude works on Sundays! I am seriously impressed. He asked me five fairly simple questions about how mom is doing/managing, and I, true to form, wrote him back in mad-detail, complete with examples. He’s going to see mom tomorrow (house-call), and interview staff to get their input. Then he’ll call me. Normally I’d want to attend such an appointment with mom, but at this juncture it’s best if I don’t.

While I still feel distress over this situation (mom’s paranoia), I am also relieved to have such a good team of doctors, and care-givers looking out for mom. I trust them, and know I can be perfectly honest with them, even if they end up telling me she doesn’t need any additional meds on board. I want what’s best for her, even if I’m the one who has to adjust my interactions.

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