Island Bound

I leave way too early for the Island tomorrow morning. It will be, thankfully, a short trip to facilitate patching the chimney (after making it impossible for any remaining bats to return to their roost after they exit for bug foraging tomorrow evening), and removing the oil stove. I have a meeting tomorrow late-morning with a rental broker to tune up my rental-marketing strategy, and will do a security check at Tim and Cindy’s.

I’m going to stay with mom’s neighbor directly to the east. Normally I’d stay at Tim & Cindy’s cabin, but this will be easier (running water in winter, fridge, stove, and exceptional company!), as I can walk to the house in order to meet the contractor early Monday morning.

The rental broker toured the house about a month ago. I’m very interested in his observations re the market, and where this property fits in. I need to find the best fit on the matrix of qualified renter/price point/optimal fit. I’d rather have a perfect tenant fit for $100 less a month knowing that a tenant wants to stay long term. Stability is worth everything.

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