December 2018 Island Trip – Day One

Lots of details were addressed today. Some big, some not so much.

Upon arriving on the Island, I drove to the alternative market. It’s far more comprehensive than the main market, and is more affordable. Funny thing is that both grocery stores on the Island are owned by the same person. My target market was closed. Sunday. Life in the country! I procured my ingredients, and then met with a the local real estate broker regarding renting the house.

We had a delightful exchange. The bottom line is that I’ve dropped the price of the house $300, and should expect to accept $100 to $300 below the current ‘price drop.’ I rewrote and posted the ad this afternoon. We’ll see what happens. He thinks people will be lining up.

I got the bat curtain hung up around the chimney, took detailed measurements of the cook top counter-top opening for my appliance guy, and measured the slab-on-grade mud porch addition my father incorporated into the house so the insulation contractor can tune up his bid. He went to the county records to obtain the  square footage of the house. An undertandable tool to use, except this house’s living space, doesn’t equal it’s underfloor space.

Tim and Cindy’s place is secure. I offered a prayer from their deck to the winds. One of healing, comfort and peace.

Me and my neighbor to the east, who I’m staying with, had a lovely evening. I cooked. She enjoyed,

Tomorrow the bats get an eviction notice and the old oil stove gets removed.

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