December 2018 Island Trip – Day Two, Part One

It’s not even mid-day, and the house has tossed me another curve ball. What I thought was the horrible stain from years of smokey fires over the fireplace reasserting itself, through six coats of paint, turns out to be a leak. The once and again property manager can take a look on Wednesday afternoon, by which time I hope to have been home for a solid 18-hours. So, painting is suspended. This morning I picked up another gallon of wall paint. Sigh.

The guy who took down the scary alders just arrived to take care of the scary mess he left, and pick up his splitter. The masonry/stove guy should be here soon. I’ve started cleaning things like the oven door. Yet another sign of dysfunction in my parents life. Not that my oven is pristine, nor do I think people should waste life’s precious time cleaning ovens, but wipe up the spills before they accumulate into a fire hazard, please.

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