December 2018 Island Trip – Day Three

I met, briefly, a pair of sisters who are looking for a rental. They’ll discuss and let me know. I walked back to my friend’s, packed up and headed to the ferry.

I arrived home to cat barf (thanks a lot), went through the mail, unpacked enough, and took my usual decompression nap.

Over backgammon I got an email from the couple saying they’d like to move forward and rent the house. We talked mid-evening, and I sent them the application, and credit check ‘invitation.’

On one hand I’m super hopeful this will happen. I’ve been working my butt off since 1/11/2017, spending close to 90 actual days on-sight on the island, and otherwise managing people and projects from afar. On the other hand, there’s an emotional finality about my mother never returning to her home that hurts a lot, as I look this milestone in the face. It’s just the way it is.

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