December 2018 Island Trip – Day Two, Part Two

I helped clean up the scary mess from the tree removal. The fellow who did the work for me was in so much pain that he could rake for about 7-minutes before he needed to sit down in his truck and wipe the sweat off of his face. When I asked if his back hurt, he said, “I’ve lived a hard life” as an acknowledgement that it indeed did. We eventually found the driveway again, and tossed everything burnable into the back of his truck. He put his splitter on the hitch, told me he’d back to cut more of the wood that was down in the field, and left.

The stove/masonry folks had their work cut out for them. The stove came out easily enough, but the interior pipe was a challenge. The bats are now officially evicted.

I spent the rest of the afternoon de-cobwebbing, wiping down the tile floor, and fielding hits on the house. A guy came by about 3PM, and return an hour and a half later with his wife! They are the first non-flaky people I’ve met who have shown interest in the house. Maybe better said, the first folks who ‘look the part,’ meaning they appear as genuine as they sound. We shall see.

After the couple left, I returned to the wonderful neighbor I’m staying with, and we had a very pleasant evening.

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