Voice Mail From Mom

At 8:15 last night mom left the following voice mail:

“Hi Sweetheart, It’s mom. I’m here, here in (pause) town at the AL community. I had a doctors appointment and stayed over a couple of days, and I don’t know did we make arrangements about my getting back or whatever. I’ll, of course, be here tomorrow, and maybe we can talk then. It’d be very helpful. G’night, Sweetheart.”

Soooo, she sounded very calm, and relaxed, but also kind of loopy. She had to think about what city she was in, thinks she’s been there for a doc appointment, and for only a couple of days, rather than 22+ months. I don’t expect her to track time with even the remotest precision. I do, however, expect her to be grumpy! Maybe this new medication has something to do with her demeanor shift. I’ll have to ask.

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