My former mother-in-law, Jane, is now in stable enough health to make the move to assisted living near us. Due to chronic C-dif, managed via medication, there are only two assisted living communities that can accommodate her needs in our area: memory care and chronic infection. The community my daughters chose is less than a mile from my home!

Today I made an IKEA run to pick up furniture for Jane’s studio apartment. It was an easy way for me to help the girls. I also got to shop IKEA for a smattering of things that we needed/wanted.

A kind facilities staff person unloaded my truck at Jane’s AL community. We took everything into her apartment, where the girls will assemble everything on Sunday.

It was a bit of a gut-punch to walk into this little space knowing that Jane is coming from, by way of 2.5 months in skilled nursing, 2000 square feet and two acres. I’ve no doubt the space will be a nice boost from skilled nursing, however it was a startling contrast. Jane was an incredible artist. Populating her walls with her art will help turn the studio apartment into a home.

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