December 2018 Island Trip 2 – Day One

I made three quick stops after getting off the boat: Groceries, dropping off a small gift to the real estate broker who ultimately got the house leased for me, and had a pastel drawing assessed by a gal who sold a piece of art for me earlier this year. Alas there is no locked up value in the drawing.

I arrived to the ‘weatherization’ company under the house. They’ll be back today for round two. Not being able to get the fireplace lit (until the owner of that company came out, at which point it lit immediately ~ I am not a mechanical ignoramous…) no painting got done (too cold), but rather I gathered up the last remaining items in the house, and packed and carried things to the upper barn, in between oven cleaning sessions.

The metal recycling guy will take all the big stuff for $1200. He’ll charge $1000 to get the boat to the off-Island dump. I think this whole chore can wait for a while.

Document signing went perfectly, as did the house walk-though.

By the time I got to my friend’s, I was a few steps short of exhausted. Not physically, but emotionally. Dinner, talk-time with my DH, and then a nice visit with my friend, when she returned from her dinner, before a good night’s sleep were all restorative.

Because I don’t have to this morning, I am not rushing. My friend has left to take her grand kids to school. It’s me and the dog listening to the wind howl around the house and the woods. I’ll get back to mom’s by 9 and start slinging paint.

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