December 2018 Island Trip 2 – Day Two

Today was intensely busy while feeling a bit disjointed at the same time. After taking my time getting going this morning, the following managed to get done/observed/x/x:

  • The weatherization crew was hard at work by 8AM, and finished in time to catch an earlier boat back to their Island.
  • The fireplace insert refused to work all day… The owner of the company who installed it is now out of town, so that magic trick isn’t available. Going through the 34 pages of instructions didn’t help remedy the problem. Thank goodness the sun made an appearance today. With the southern exposure, and all the windows, the house warms right up.
  • I primed, again, above the mantle and on either side of the fireplace.
  • In town I:
    • Closed or made adjustments to mom’s accounts at:
      • The internet service provider.
      • The fuel oil provider.
      • The tool rental/repair shop.
    • Deposited the rent check!
    • Located BBQ cleaner, at the tenants suggestion, as a bigger badder cleaning agent than oven cleaner. No joy. Have I mentioned that my folks never once cleaned their oven? How horribly filthy it is? That oven cleaner (one of the most caustic solutions available on grocery store shelves) barely dents the grime? Oh yes, I have.
  • By phone I:
    • Dealt with the house insurance.
    • Closed the loop on the propane service, as the tenant had already been in contact with the propane company.
    • Responded to the electric comapny’s inquiry regarding the tenant’s contact regarding the property.
  • The phone is the only remaining utility to deal with.
  • On my way back to the house, I drove up the lower drive in order to move a tree that had come down. Two pieces were doable, the main piece was not. So,
  • I messaged the guy who took care of the Scary Alders for me this fall. He was out in 90 minutes, and not only bucked up the fallen trunk pieces, but took the remaining piece of the tree down. No Charge. He needed the wood. I got some exercise and tossed logs into the back of his truck.
  • I gathered a load, mostly from one of the open sheds, and got it, via truck, to the upper barn. While doing this I also parsed.
  • Items in the same shed into dump and toxic waste piles. There are undercarriage pieces of mom’s Honda Attack Vehicle in that shed! Like the expired meds, and hazardous waste, I’m gonna find more pieces of the Honda for some time to come.
  • At 1PM I returned to my wonderful friend and hostess’ house, across the road, for a bite of lunch. Her 3-year old grand daughter was a delight to meet again.
  • Next up was a finish coat of paint over the aforementioned areas. Then touching up paint here and there in the house. Of course, the brand of paint is different, and even though the same store mixed it for me, the color isn’t quite the same. I had to quietly chant my mantra, “Rental, Rental, Rental…”
  • I gathered another load into the truck, but had to wait a couple of hours before taking it to the barn due to the winds. No, not winds, gales. With trees coming down all over the Island, I did not want to have to four-wheel over a downed trees from between the barns, so I went on to…
  • Dither over what was left to do in the house, such as:
    • Washing the last of the dirty rags, and then running them out to the dryer in the tool shed.
    • Deciding to vacuum the house, after the weatherization guys left, rather than wash the wood floor one last time. The floors would look SO MUCH BETTER with final wipe down, but no. Hard Pass.
    • Decide what to do with the collection of oyster and scallop  shells,deer jaw bones, rocks, and (literally) round road reflectors my folks kept on a small wire spool outside the front door.
    • Move the couch, on ‘sliders’ toward the exit door of the house. Everything, save a lamp on a timer that gives the illusion that someone actually lives in the house, is staged by the entrance door.
  • I discovered what looks like scraps of roofing material on the north side of the house. This place is going to throw me curve balls forever! My once-and-again property manager will check things out tomorrow. Again, the wind is wicked.
  • There are more details, but this is enough.

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