New Computer

After at least 2-years of cuss-laced frustration, while fighting with what is now my 8.5-year old Toshiba laptop, last night with the help of my daughter’s BF, I made the jump to a fancy-pants MacBook Pro. After 32-years a PC user, there’s gonna be a steep learning curve, tempered by about 8-years of iPhone, and 5-years of iPad use. So far all things Apple, which should be seemless ((music, contacts, photos, finding our wifi, importing website bookmarks that the Toshiba threw out with the trash during one of its strokes (scary, but nice to have lost links!), Google app intergration, and, OHMIGAWD, speed Baby, speed)), are all as they should be. This is my first post written on the yet to be named (cause we name our computers) Mac. So far, so wonderful!

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