Happy New Year!

Yeah, a few days late, but the sentiment is there. My only New Year’s resolutions are to ‘chill,’ adopt a daily flow of ‘work, art, garden (yeah, domestic tasks will tuck in there somewhere, but let’s get the important things done first),’ and re-engage with my anti-inflammatory diet (on Monday).

Since damaging my peroneal nerve, I’ve stacked on 5 pounds. While that doesn’t sound earth shattering, on my small frame, it’s a solid size, and it’s time to do something about it. The, locally authored, anti-inflammatory diet I tried a batch of years ago not only stopped my knees from aching in just days, but helped me shed weight easily while not feeling deprived. Now that the Island house is leased, it’s time to focus on me.

I spent a few hours in the garden yesterday. It felt Amazing! There’s always more to do (duh). Gardening is good for my soul. Also, yesterday, I spent time on a quilt top, and today found fabric for its second border and back. I also paid mom’s first-of-month bills, and re-did my spreadsheet that shows her net monthly cash outlay after all income and expenses have been accounted for, except actual medical expenses as they are relatively few. An anxiety reducing exercise.

Next up – review the AI diet guidelines.

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