Island House Improvements

Today the new heat pump was hooked up at the Island house. The tenants, being European, are stoked to have this standard-to-them, ultra-efficient technology as part of the house’s systems. It’s cheaper to operate than any other fuel source unless you can keep yourself in free wood. But y’all know how I feel about open flame as a heat source in a rental.

This is the last immediate Big expense item on the Island house list, as long as the winds don’t rip the roof off… The roof should now hold until we replace it, unless we get a typhoon through here. There is a deck replacement lurking on the mainland house. But, those are the only two known headaches, I mean projects, on the horizon.

Now that the heat pump is up and running, I detect an edge of ambient anxiety backing off. There’s always going to be ‘stuff’ to take care of and manage, but having the immediate big projects concluded is a muscle relaxer.

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