Farmer’s Market

This evening, via email, I found out that our local farmer’s market has dismantled, come undone, is no more. For years I have coordinated our county’s Master Gardener information booth at our farmer’s markets.

One one hand, I am relieved, but only for myself. I hit burnout about two years ago. Not with anything to do with the market, but from management within the master gardener hierarchy. There was a change from someone whose social filters where too thin and didn’t know what he was doing, to someone who is hyper efficient, but wants far more involvement from those of us who work under her. Leave me alone and let me run my market with a minimum of meetings, and phone calls, please.

On the other hand, I am sad for the community, the vendors, and all of my volunteers, including myself, who now have to hustle to look for hours at other hard-to-find clinic spots. All the spots are usually full by this time in the year. The head of our county program will work something out. He’s good about such things.

I confess to looking forward to getting all the market gear we have stored in various places around the property back to master gardener head quarters

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