Typical 24-hours

Last night’s “Parenthood” binge was interrupted by my cellphone. It was mom, and so I did not answer lest the cultivated relaxation shatter. Of course, I checked our land-line and found voicemail. Mom was looping on, “I’m done here, and so would like to make a plan to go home…” Talk about thwarting myself. But there’s no way I can’t listen to mom’s voicemail if I know it’s there. Damned if I do, damned if I don’t. Continuing with my show helped me put the voicemail aside.

Today I:

  • Spent an hour on the phone between the dentist and concierge at the community shifting the appointments mom made yesterday, and arranging rides to those appointments. She did indeed break a tooth and needs another crown.

What’s so funny about this is last night’s call. Mom’s is ‘done here’ but made multiple appointments yesterday, and so is clearly not ‘done.’

  • Paid bills for mom, which were off cycle this month:
    • The Island house’s new rental-insurance policy bill,
    • A final weatherization bill for weather-stripping the doors to the Island house. Believe me, I tried to do this and failed…
    • The final Island phone bill arrived today. I was advised by the phone company to wait for the final statement in order to avoid a credit check being mailed back to me. The account is in my late father’s name, and I would have no way to cash or deposit a check in his name. The final bill showed the credits, but also had a late fee on it. While it was easily removed via phone call, I am weary of these phone calls.
  • I put together and mailed off the paperwork for the not inconsequential rebate for the heat pump installation at the Island house.
  • While online with the Island bank (twice today), I printed off five statements missing from files (four accounts with this bank).
  • Called the Island pest company to find out their schedule, and then,
  • Wrote to the tenants to let them know this and a couple of other things.
  • I caught up half of my own business accounting for the year.
  • Addressed some volunteer business.

After the above, which was punctuated with correspondence, and fussy, busy bits, I went to two groceries, and the chiropractor. Once home it was time to feed the chickens, bring in wood, light a fire, feed the cat, and then sit still for a few minutes.

Time to make spicy salmon!

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