January 2019 Island Trip – One Day Wonder

Yesterday was a long day, but not as long as it could have been. There are earlier ferrys than the one I took to the Island. The trip was mainly about appliance installation.

I arrived before the installer, and set about to fill the truck with things from the smaller sheds to take to the upper barn. It didn’t take long to top off the truck. Brice arrived as I was unloading. We went over the work: New Cooktop (which I brought with me), washer (whose valve was leaking) and dryer. Each appliance had a problem… Brice sent me to town to gets ‘bits and pieces.”

Cook top: The new coop top’s gas valve was on the opposite side of the unit from the gas bib in the wall. We needed a longer gas hose. Brice had me pick up galvanized pieces to extend the existing hose from the bib in case (as it turned out) I couldn’t find the right sized hose. By the end of the day, the stove was in, working, and lovely!

Washing Machine: My dad used a flat profile valve for the water lines due to the challenges of the installation. This valve won’t shut off anymore. And leaks. And there isn’t a replacement on the Island. Brice used O-rings to repair it. I’ll source a new one and ship it to him.

Dryer: The tenants, who ordered the appliances, didn’t order a propane conversion kit for the new dryer. Brice’s wife ordered it yesterday. With luck, he’ll have the dryer going tomorrow.

I spent some time playing with, I mean tuning up the new drainage creek that the Amazing neighbor created for me. A dozen clumps of goo removed here and there to help the water flow better. This creek is 300ish feet long. The creek, as I’ve decided to call it, is fulfilling its intended purpose. There is zero standing water around the tool shed! You don’t even need rubber boots to walk from the house to the shed. This is HUGE! I also followed the source of the creek up to the top of the property. It was a lovely little hike. I found the source to be quiet rather than a gush. It hasn’t rained in quite a while, so that could change.

Today I take a truck load to metal recycling. It’s not deep (in the truck bed), but it’s heavy as hell. There were items the size of a pound of coffee that weighed 15-20 pounds. Working on Jane’s house earlier this week made it easier for me to make cuts in my dad’s stuff. If it’s been sitting there, unused for 10-years, it’s time to get rid of it. I’ve had enough folks in the barn who have similar opinions that I’m now comfortable tossing/recycling things that I am completely clueless as to their use and origin.

I brought back a stainless steel piece that was on its way to being a Raku kiln and a floating wooden shelf. I’ll grow cucumbers on the kiln, and the shelf is for my office.

I had the chance to see the neighbor at the east end of mom’s drive, and Tim who arrived the day before yesterday. Tim is doing really well. Relieved and resigned. Looking forward at 80 to what’s next after 53 years of marriage, knowing Cindy is at peace.

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