Mom’s Knee – Part Three, Elvis

I was able to share with nursing that mom’s own hygiene is just fine. However, the cat smell is permeating her clothes. Her apartment needs to be completely cleaned, rugs, upholstery, everything. I suggested we assess (add more to the bill) for help with taking care of Elvis. Nursing wants him gone citing mom’s safety. I get it, and in the moment was on board. Upon reflection and consultation with my nurse daughter, we’re going to do this differently.

Hoping to avoid another loss for mom, I’m going to suggest we get the apartment cleaned up, assess for daily cat care and give it one more try. We’ll change out all the cat supplies that are suspect (liter box, toys, bed etc), throws, soft decor, couch cushions, maybe even the couch itself, anything Elvis could have whizzed on that can’t be successfully cleaned. While this is being done, I’ll take Elvis home for a couple of days. We’ll reintroduce him into a clean environment where his bathroom is guaranteed to be taken care of, all the time, cross our fingers and hope like hell. If he continues to piddle where he shouldn’t, he’ll have to move back in with us.

Years ago one of the girls adopted sibling kittens. One of them died from unstoppable seizures. The remaining kitten started spraying everywhere (neutered female!). We did everything, right down to kitty therapy to try and get a hold of the problem. I think I have a fairly good grip on what makes a cat tick. I am concerned that Elvis may return to peeing in the wrong places at mom’s, but am not too worried about him doing that at our place.

As for mom’s knee, she has fluid accumulated in the joint. If it’s not better in two weeks, she’ll need to see an orthopedist.

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