Attic Diving

Late in 1998 my mom helped me pack up a 3200 square foot house, labeled boxes exquisitely, and enabled me to keep my sanity while orchestrating a 1000-mile move with three kids.

I’ll be unloading the final pieces of Jane’s furniture and paintings into storage this afternoon. I knew the attic had at least two boxes of items that Jane made and gave to us before the 1998 move. I found the boxes with little effort, and they are now in the truck ready to go to storage.

One piece is a very 1970’s embroidered botanical in shades of brown and avocado. The second box is marked, “Joan’s Embroideries.” I don’t recall what they are and am not going to open the box. It can be a surprise for the girls. I also grabbed a plastic tote of things gathered from the January trip that are destine for storage. While I am not done dipping in and out of the storage unit just yet, it feels good to have these little things wrapped up

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