Last Trip to Jane’s – Part Two

After a stop at my favorite mixed media store, I headed north to catch the ferry. The interim island I spent the night on has a beautiful set of bridges at its north end, built in the 1930’s during the New Deal. Once over these picturesque bridges, one drives, almost unknowingly, onto another island where the ferry terminal is located. The winter ferry schedule is notoriously awful with hours between sailing. What mattered is I was ahead of schedule, so no complaints!

I handed my bag of gold to the ticketing agent in order to get my 35-foot rig on board, and settled down and read. The ride over was beautiful and uneventful, unlike the ferry ride the night before which, included heavy seas and a breaching vessel!

I got out to the property, unloaded the mower (it started up immediately, and behaved perfectly), drove it into the lower barn, placed a box of instructions for equipment housed in the upper barn, into the upper barn, had a lovely chat with the tenant, and was out of there in less than 30-minutes. My friend that I was going to stay with came down with bronchitis, so it was time to push home.

After dropping the rental trailer, I had 2.5 hours to wait for the ferry. Reading, watching a show (not a big TV person, but Netflix and cellular data on my iPad where very welcome yesterday), playing backgammon with my sweetheart, and taking at walk helped pass the time. Another uneventful crossing, save the posse of very rambunctious teens, who were kind of entertaining. I made it home in 1:16, despite coming to a grinding halt on the highway due to our state patrol being out in force on both sides of the road with officers looking over the edge of the overpass with flashlights… Never a good sign.

I am SO glad I got home last night. An evening catching up with my friend would have been wonderful, and starting my day here is priceless.

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