New Assessment

I received a new price increase, I mean assessment, for mom today. I’m reeling over the financial impact and pissed at the way I feel both locked in, and that the business end of the community seems to make assumptions about one’s compliance…

They are adding pet care. I expected this. Pet care cost 22 points a day. A point cost .80. Let me lay this out like we’re in math class:

22 x .80 = 17.60 a day.

(17.60 x 365)/12 = 535.33 a month.

Mom needs oversight with the litter box. God knows she’s feeding the cat perfectly. He is a robust 13+ pounds. Here’s the next equation:

17.60 a day/( 1/12) (of an hour, or 5 minutes to scoop a cat box) = 211.20/hour

This is highway robbery, in my mom’s case. If a resident has a pet that needs meds and feeding twice a day, needs to be walked three times a day, and the apartment needs carpet cleaning twice a month due to potty problems, 17.60 a day would be a bargain.

To be fair, the assessment removed 4 point for mom being a fall risk. This is ironic. On Monday, mom was more of a fall risk than I’ve ever witnessed.

In my reply to the new care director, I asked that the 10 points assessed in January for behavior problems be removed because the new anti-psychotic med has helped to all but eliminate them, while pointing out that both staff, mom’s doctor, and family have seen this remarkable improvement. I spelled out the above math to her as well, thanked her for her communication, and left the ball in her court. Then I poured myself a glass of wine and worked on our annual trailer recommissioning. We head out to camp in our favorite state park in nine days. I can’t wait.

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