Assessment Update – 2

This afternoon’s email from the business office manager at mom’s AL community pissed me off so badly that it was hard to live in my own skin for about 20 minutes. She wrote to tell me that WITH pet care, mom’s points came up to 80 per day. After a fast look at the assessment, I wrote back letting her know pet care had been waived. My tone was 159% business. After looking at the assessment on a larger screen, I saw that it actually came to 59 points with cat care, 37 without. This made me angrier knowing that she looked at mom’s accounting to arrive at 80 points, which have been in flux for the last 12-days, rather than actually look at the assessment itself. A stroll to the bathroom (we’re camping) cooled me off.

I wrote back letting her know what the assessment actually said, and what my arithmetic told me. I also shared that the care director and I had worked very diligently to get this assessment right, and I was working hard on staying chill. This is a gal who works with families who received unfortunate financial news regarding their loved ones care costs all day long. Not everyone is good at introspection, or keeping their mouths closed upon initial reaction to other people’s mistakes. I strive find solutions to unexpected challenges that rear their heads up before me, even if I find myself sideways pissed. This gal doesn’t need another family member getting rude and cranky at her.

She wrote back saying I was correct and apologizing. Love and hugs to her for owning her mistake with grace.

What’s very, very interesting about the assessment is they’ve removed 5 or 10 more points than I expected that were charged for mom’s sport of ripping the thermostat off the wall. I need to crunch the numbers at home, not having the current assessment with me, but I’m fairly sure that’s an additional $120-$240 reduction in care costs. All due to one medication.

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